I’m on vacation!

Just what the doctor ordered

I’m in vacation

Being making money

Now big trips I’m taking

Cabin in woods I’m stayin

Kickb my homies who makin 


no time get hungry

Biscuit and honey

Add cheese 

I’m greedy dummy

I’m in da woods on vacation

God told me be patient

Now look where girl is staying

I’m on vacation

Shopping trips straight to Vegas

Cabin in da woods I’m staying 

Birds be chirping 

Go crazy

Bears and wolves 

Be brave

Got me all nerves

Bae ca me!!!!!!

Look in woods

I’m up to no good

Chasing dollars like I should

I’m in da woods 

Plus smokin real good

Babe got me spoil

Like a real nigga would

I’m on vacation 

God said be patient

got A balcony no fakin

Big log house no basement 

I’m on vacation 

No time be wasting

Worked all summer 

My back was breaking

Straight heartaching

Now I’m in da woods on vacation